GREEN VITS – High Dose Supplements To Fuel Your Life

Enhance brand awareness through social media and engaging content. Create, develop and manage weekly competitions and promotions.

Working closely with Rufus Greenbaum, the founder and CEO of Greenvits we have successfully written 10+ articles in the health niche. Additionally we have created daily content across three social media channels – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Currently the engagement on Facebook is increasing at around 6.92% per month. We aim to get this over 20% increase in the next month. Currently the Greenvits Facebook page gets 32,402 impressions per month.

The most successful part of the Greenvits Facebook business page is the weekly competition that we run every Monday.

The Twitter presence for Greenvits has been steadily increasing. The followers are increasing by around 8.74% per month. However, we have not been managing this account over the past few months, rather just adding daily content. Over the coming months we will be offering a fully managed service that should see a massive increase in both engagement and followers on Twitter.

At Platform Jam we like to measure the success of campaigns in a variety of ways, by providing full reports that outline how the social media campaign in working. This Comprehensive Monthly Report measures a variety of metrics for us to enhance the brand presence month on month.

The GreenVits Instagram following is steadily increasing. Since the date we first took on the account, their Instagram following has risen by 103%. Additionally the engagement is rising at a rate of around 6.92% month on month. This has all happened organically and over the next few months we will be deploying community building strategies to increase the engagement and followers by another 100% or more.