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Enhance brand awareness through social media and engaging content. Create, develop and manage weekly competitions and promotions. Working closely with Rufus Greenbaum, the founder and CEO of Greenvits we have successfully written 10+ articles in the health niche. Additionally we have created daily c


Engage dinosaur fans and build a community of dino geeks that love free mobile games. We were firstly tasked with taking the Jurassic Runner Game from the ground up one year ago. The Instagram following has been the key focus and now has 6k+ followers. We managed to get a few pieces of content go [&


Write a 3,000 to 3,500 eBook for our brand titled “30 Day Elite Slimming Transformation Plan”. The book should cover diet, exercise and dieting principles. Additionally some products should be naturally included in the copy. We were given the opportunity to write a diet and lifestyle eBook for E